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Emotionally Focused Therapy, help for couples and families
EFT is an evidence based therapy that helps 80% of couples

We all use our previous experiences, consciously or unconsciously, to decide whether we are going to like someone we have just met. As an example, I am sure you will agree that the really nice person that looks just like the horrible bully of your 9th grade class , has no chance of winning your heart.

This principle also works within relationships. When we first fall in love, we are and feel tuned with our loved one. We are playing the same melody at the same time. We feel happy and relax. Everything is easy, we are always there for the other person, and the other person is there for us. This requires no effort.

At the beginning love is nice and perfect, but when our everyday life and commitments get in the way, love stops being so nice and perfect. Any small expectation of comfort or support that are not properly carried out by our partner will show us, that maybe our expectations are too big, and the other way around. With time we find ourselves doing a big effort trying to keep things as happy as they were. Sometimes, we think we┬┤ve got there, but others, that huge effort we are putting in, is only enough to get us back to that happiness for a few weeks, days or in the worse scenario, just a few hours.

Next, we feel that we are not as much loved as we used to. And then we find ourselves trying to answer so many questions; What is happening?


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Amaya Arana

Couple and Family Therapist
EFT Practitioner

Registered Family Therapist

Accredited Social Worker


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It's very important that you trust what therapy can do for you. Before therapy can start both you and I need to understand each other expectations. We need to be comfortable with each other and make sure that we are the right fit. It is for this that I always offer a first 30 minutes FREE consultation. This time should be enough for you to know if EFT is right for you and for me to check that I can really help. Please contact me using the form below